Gakken’s Play Smart Workbook Series Wins Gold Medal in “The Mom’s Choice Awards®”

The Play Smart Workbook Series has again won an award, with Gakken receiving a gold medal in the “The Mom’s Choice Awards®” accolades. 

The Mom’s Choice Awards® (MCA) is a prize that regards products and services aimed at children, families, and educators. This award program has been globally recognized for setting benchmarks in the judging and evaluation of excellent family-friendly media and products. 

The jury in charge of assessing the variety of products and services competing for the award is comprised of professionals specializing in several different fields, some of which include education, media, art, science, and medicine. The assessment is based upon a variety of factors such as quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, creativity, attractiveness, cost and so on. Products and services that have won this award will receive “The Mom’s Choice Awards ®” medal sticker and will be recognized by parents and educators as high quality and reliable products.

Previously, the Play Smart Workbook Series had also won the Family Choice Awards (in 2017 and 2018) and the National Parenting Product Awards for 3 consecutive years in America. So, the gold medal from “The Mom’s Choice Awards®” is officially the third award successfully obtained.

The Play Smart Workbook Series itself is the English language rendition of the original “Gakken no Yojimuke Workbook,” which has been popular for approximately 40 years in Japan. This version went on sale in June 2017 with 9 titles in various bookstore chains such as Barnes & Noble, Kinokuniya and independent bookstores in the United States, as well as online stores such as

As of March 2021, the brand has successfully penetrated the market and achieved a cumulative circulation of 800,000 copies. Apart from that, the Play Smart Workbook Series has consistently been ranked in the top 10 in the Children’s Puzzle Book genre on The sales network has now also expanded beyond the United States and Canada, namely to other countries that are concerned with further implementing English language education programs, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, and Paraguay. In Indonesia, these books are available at Gramedia bookstores, Paperclip, Kinokuniya or online bookstores, namely

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