Play Smart Workbook for Ages 4+

At the age of 4 years, children begin to learn to behave more independently. They already know the function of grammar and are able to apply a wider vocabulary to their speech. At this age, children are also able to better follow step by step instructions, recognize colors, count, write down various letters correctly, and are able to use their own scissors

To further stimulate a child’s development, you can invite them to play various games in the Play Smart Workbook Series 4+. Equipped with interesting activities involving cutting and pasting games, mazes, puzzles, number games, and much more, children can learn while having fun. The Play Smart Workbook Series 4+ can also hone important skills necessary for their formative years, like focus, fine motor & pre-reading skills, as well as much more:

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Play Smart Brain Booster Ages 4+

Pictures Puzzles – Number Games – Mazes – Crafts

An interesting mix of jigsaw puzzles, number games, mazes and artwork. Cognitive skills, vocabulary, and creativity will assist in improving the child’s capabilities across the board.

The increasing difficulty level of each progressing activity will help build the child’s concentration and self-confidence.

Play Smart Skill Builders Ages 4+

Mazes – Connect the Dots – Drawing & Coloring

Designed to help children in the use of their pencils. Through activities such as jigsaw puzzles, mazes, and point-to-point tracing challenges, children will build stronger hand-visual coordination.

The child’s focus and vocabulary will further develop, along with their cognitive abilities & fine motor skills, which will be fine tuned.

Play Smart School Skills Ages 4+

Pictures Puzzles – Counting Games – Writing – Paper Crafts

Structured to better strengthen a child’s cognitive abilities, decision-making, concentration skills and better prepare the child for academic challenges in preparation for school life.

Playing puzzles, counting, writing and making crafts will ensure the child is mentally prepared to engage in an academic setting.

Play Smart 1-2-3 Picture Puzzlers Ages 4+

Number Games- Writing – Coloring – Matching

Introduces you to the early stages of math through number games and fun activities like matching games, writing and coloring numbers.

Equipped with 140 stickers to complete the activities on each page, an appreciation for a job well done.

Play Smart Animal Picture Puzzlers Ages 4+

Mazes – Cutting and Pasting – Matching – Number Games

Contains a variety of fun activities ranging from animal puzzles, mazes, distinguishing objects from one another as well as dot connecting challenges. Writing, drawing and counting challenges are also featured. All packaged in one to help children become more confident and independent.

Notes for parents on each page provide guidance for exploring a child’s learning abilities, and help them master the process of reading and understanding math concepts.

  • NAPPA Award Winner in the USA
  • Winner of The Mom’s Choice Awards®
  • Over 48 million copies sold worldwide