Play Smart Workbook for Ages 3+

When children turn 3 years old, they further develop their imagination & language skills. Children begin to better understand the sequence & function of numbers and letters and are able to learn new words quicker than before.

A child’s cognitive development also seems to improve. They can solve puzzles, follow instructions, identify basic shapes, recognize colors, draw straight lines and circles, and can concentrate for longer periods of time.

To stimulate the development of children aged 3 years, you can introduce a variety of interesting activities in the Play Smart Workbook Series Ages 3+. Equipped with various educational games such as puzzle games, mazes, as well as dots connecting activities, the Play Smart Workbook Series Ages 3+ can hone fine motor, cognitive, language skills, and aims to improve a child’s overall ability to focus.

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Play Smart Early Learning Ages 3+

Pictures Puzzles – Matching Games – Art Projects

Kids will have a lot of fun playing with jigsaw puzzles, word games, mazes, as well as art & crafts. Kids will be entertained as they hone skills that teach them about everything from focus, fine motor coordination to problem solving and social skills.

Notes for parents on each page can build vocabulary and reasoning. When the level of difficulty increases, it helps children build up their self-confidence.

Play Smart Brain Booster Ages 3+

Pictures Puzzles – Drawing Projects – Number Games

Contains fun activities like jigsaw puzzles, word games, mazes, vocabulary and other creative activities.

Notes for parents on each page offer guidance on building a child’s vocabulary and thinking skills. Each book comes with an adorable activity & reward sticker.

Play Smart Skill Builders Ages 3+

Drawing – Cutting – Counting Games – Mazes

Invites children to draw, cut, paste, and play counting and maze games. Fun activities on every page can improve a child’s decision-making abilities as well as their fine motor skills.

Equipped with more than 80 cute stickers and a wipe-clean board inside.

Play Smart Animal Picture Puzzlers Ages 3+

Counting – Mazes – Matching Games – Connect the Dots

Contains a variety of fun activities that are age-appropriate. This includes activities such as counting, mazes, matching games and connecting dots.

This book intends to spark a child’s curiosity about animals. Colorful illustrations and pictures of cute and familiar everyday animals recognizable by the child. Packed with 70 adorable, engaging activities designed to improve children’s fine motor skills, focus, creativity and problem solving skills.

Play Smart Vehicle Picture Puzzlers Ages 3+

Counting Games – Connect the Dots – Coloring – Mazes

Introduces kids to a variety of things children often love; lots of fun to be had. Through vehicle-themed activities, a child’s interest and curiosity will surely develop.

This is a key aspect in their journey of lifelong learning, and also develops important skills such as fine motor, problem solving and creative thinking abilities.

Play Smart Alphabet Ages 3+

Tracing – Drawing – Pasting – Matching Games

Introduces children to the alphabet, strengthening a child’s letter recognition skills. Through fun, age-appropriate activities, children will learn to color, trace, cut and paste, as well as complete maze puzzles.

Activities include practicing writing lines and curves as well as solving jigsaw puzzles, further improving the child’s fine motor skills.

Play Smart Numbers Ages 3+

Tracing – Drawing – Pasting – Matching Games

Helps children develop preschool skills and readiness in following directions, doing assignments and learning to better concrete on their lessons, such as in counting & comparing numbers. By practicing tracing numbers, sorting numbers, making comparisons, identifying patterns and sections.

Children will be introduced to numbers 1 to 20. However, the activity will mainly focus on recognizing the numbers 1 to 10.

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