Play Smart Workbook for Ages 2+

At 2 years of age, a child’s desire to learn notably increases. Children begin to recognize and sort out objects by shape & color, as well as develop the ability to follow simple instructions.

Motor skills also begin to develop rapidly during this period. Children can better coordinate the movements of their wrists, fingers, and palms, allowing for better drawing & hand-eye coordination skills. You can invite children to read books, draw or arrange blocks to stimulate their fine motor skills.

The Play Smart Workbook Series Ages 2+ is an exercise book for 2 year olds that can serve as a companion book to further hone the skills that they already have. This book comes equipped with a variety of interesting activities such as puzzle games, word games, mazes, coloring, counting, drawing activities including line drawing, as well as many others.

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Play Smart Early Learning Ages 2+

Picture Puzzles – Counting Games – Art Projects

Helps children build key fundamental learning skills while also developing their fine motor skills, as well as a child’s perception and social abilities.

Fun activities such as, tracing, cutting & pasting, playing mazes, playing games and jigsaw puzzles are also included.

Play Smart Brain Boosters Ages 2+

Cutting & Pasting – Tracing – Matching Games

Has been proven to strengthen a child’s cognitive training, decision-making and ability to concentrate, better helping them prepare for school and life in general.

Contains fun, age-appropriate activities such as jigsaw puzzles, word games, mazes, vocabulary and other creativity activities.

Play Smart Skill Builders Ages 2+

Tracing – Drawing – Matching Games- Mazes

Contains fun activities such as playing through an age-appropriate maze puzzle. Maze activities encourage the child to work through pathways leading to the correct destination. This is helpful in developing and improving cognitive skills and a child’s thinking abilities.

It also strengthens the power of focus, concentration, and coordination between the hands and eyes.

Play Smart Animal Picture Puzzlers Ages 2+

Tracing – Drawing – Sorting – Matching

Contains a variety of fun activities that are age-appropriate; such activities include coloring, tracing, making handicrafts and others.

This book aims to spark a child’s curiosity about shapes and colors. Colorful illustrations include pictures of familiar cute animals that any child can be enthusiastic about.

Play Smart Color & Shape Picture Puzzlers Ages 2+

Coloring – Drawing – Tracing – Matching

At 2 years of age, children begin to recognize and vocalize names and objects, as well as develop the ability to count numbers and understand different shapes and colors.

Through various fun activities such as coloring, tracing, making crafts as well as others, children will develop a greater curiosity towards learning about shapes and colors.

In addition, children will be excited with the colorful and cute illustrations familiar to a child’s everyday life.

Play Smart Alphabet Ages 2+

Tracing – Coloring – Pasting – Matching Games

Aims to keep kids engaged and entertained while they learn. Through coloring, crafting, drawing and puzzle based challenges, children will learn to develop the skills needed in order to recognize and form uppercase letters.

Children will also learn to identify letters and form them using their fingers to trace lines.

Play Smart Numbers Ages 2+

Tracing – Coloring – Pasting – Matching Games

Helps children develop skills preparing them for preschool, such as following directions, doing assignments and further bettering their concentration skills.

Children will be introduced to numbers 1 to 10. They will further be focusing on numbers 1 to 5 through the practice of counting objects, making comparisons and understanding the numbers one by one.

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