Science Wonder Quest

“Science Wonder Quest” Comic
The Book from Gakken Plus is available in Indonesian!    

A science-based comic that introduces the world of robotics in a simple and fun way. Equipped with a variety of photos, pictures, and detailed descriptions of robots throughout each episode, allowing children to gain fundamental knowledge about robots!

Within the Indonesian region, this series is available at the Gramedia bookstores.

Let’s Find Dinosaur Mother

Learn about the mysteries of the world, start your adventure and find the answers!

A creature named Crown has suddenly appears before Riku, Kirara, and Ginga. With his magical book, Crown has taken all three youngsters way back to the age of the Dinosaurs!

They observe a variety of dinosaurs in their entire ancient splendor: in reproduction, survival and finally… extinction.

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Get to Know the Dangerous Animals Around You

There are various kinds of dangerous animal weapons.

Dangerous animals utilize a wide range of dangerous defensive mechanisms: from teeth & nails, to thorns, poisons, feathers, needles even electricity, among others.

Dangerous animals don’t just exist within the forest; they occupy many biomes & locations, such as the beach, grasslands, even can even nestle within your own home!

If one day you stumble upon one, are you sure you would know how to deal with such beasts?

Together with Hayato, Arisa, and Crown, let’s get to know the world of dangerous animals and learn how to avoid them!

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Protect Your Body From Viruses

Crown has returned to earth! This time, he has conducted extensive research on diseases of the human body. Assisted by Ken and Mrs. Sara, the three of them embark on an adventure within the human body in order to familiarize themselves with a range of dangerous viruses. Venturing into the depths of Erika’s physical body, the aim to eradicate the evil flu causing viruses wreaking havoc! Will they succeed?

This book updates you on the various types of viruses that exist among us, and lets you know how to protect yourself!

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Adventure in Robot Park

Robots always inspire admiration. They can do super-fast calculations, lift heavy objects, and generally conduct themselves with extreme presicion…

So, experience the world of robots with us! Come on an adventure to Robot Park! There are all sorts of cool robots hanging out there that want to be your friend! Who knows, you might even be able to make your own robot after reading this book!

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Let’s Explore the Body’s Digestive System

Ken, who is good at sports, always loses when he competes against Mrs. Sara. They said it was because Mrs. Sara wasn’t as picky about food as Ken. However, he didn’t believe it!

Together with a mysterious creature named Crown, Ken and Erika decide to explore Mrs. Sara’s digestive tract to find out the secrets of her powers!

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Strange Creatures From the Seabed

Mimi, an animal from the depths of the sea, had become separated from her group. While on their underwater journey, Crown, Riku and Nanami embark on a voyage to take Mimi back to her home. In front of them, strange creatures appear from the deepest depths. Will Riku and Nanami succeed in making it back home safely from under the sea, earth’s last unspoiled treasure!?

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Explore Space

Seiichi and July are bobbling in space, until one day, Crown, a mysterious creature appeared and saved both of them. Together, they then embark on an adventure through the deepest reaches of outer space! This comic will take the reader on an intergalactic adventure, from our own solar system to the darkest depths of a black hole!!

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