Children’s Books

Gakken books are colorful and fun, loved by children all over the world!

Designed by a team of educators and child development experts, Gakken children’s books are suitable for optimum early childhood learning. In Indonesia, our books are available at Gramedia, Kinokuniya and Paper Clip bookstores or online book store, namely

Play Smart Workbook

The Gakken Play Smart Workbook is available based on the child’s age category

Play Smart Workbook for Ages 2+

At 2 years old, a child’s desire to learn notably increases. They begin to recognize and sort objects …
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Play Smart Workbook for Ages 3+

When children turn 3 years old, their creative abilities and language skills develop significantly …
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Play Smart Workbook for Ages 4+

At 4 years of age, children will begin to learn to become more independent. They already …
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