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Play Smart Workbook for Ages 4+

At the age of 4 years, children begin to learn to behave more independently. They already know the function of grammar and are able to

Play Smart Workbook for Ages 3+

When children turn 3 years old, they further develop their imagination & language skills. Children begin to better understand the sequence & function of numbers

Play Smart Workbook for Ages 2+

At 2 years of age, a child’s desire to learn notably increases. Children begin to recognize and sort out objects by shape & color, as

Children’s Books

Gakken books are colorful and fun, loved by children all over the world! Designed by a team of educators and child development experts, Gakken children's

4Me Japanese Learning

Does your company seek to train its employees to speak Japanese?Do you require effective learning materials for trainees being sent to Japan? Gakken, a leading