Asia Math Olympiad FAQ

General Questions

  • What is AMO?
    AMO (Asia Mathematics Olympiad) is an international competition for primary/elementary school students that has been held every summer since 1991 in Japan. AMO in South East Asia was held for the first time in 2017.
  • Do you conduct AMO in my country?
    We have our country partners in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Iran, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and expecting a lot more countries to join for next years to come!
  • What levels do you have?
    We have three levels.
    • BEE level for 9 years old and/or below (Equivalent for Primary 1st-3rd grade)
    • JUNIOR level for 11 years old and/or below (Equivalent for Primary 4th   & 5th grade)
    • SENIOR level for 12 years old and/or below (Equivalent for Primary 6th grade).
  • How many rounds does AMO have?
    We usually start with Level Check, then go to First Round. Those who passed the First Round (which is extremely difficult!) can go to FINAL ROUND. But for 2020, unfortunately, we do not have Final Round due to the pandemic. We truly hope that we will have no worry about COVID-19 in 2021 so that we can get together in a venue to compete!
  • What distinguishes AMO from other competitions?
    There are three main reasons.
    • Top students from all over Asia participate in this competition. This is your chance to emerge as the First among equals!
    • The difficulty level of question is extremely high.
    • This competition requires students to not just rely on memorizing formulas, but to fully utilize their logical and innovative thinking. This test can assess mathematical skills relevant to the 21st century.
  • What can I get if I attend AMO?
    Every participant will get our special certificate, and there are Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for top students. Result Report is also distributed for all the participants.
  • How many gold, silver, and bronze medals?
    Top 30% students will get medals. The total number of medals depends on the number of participants every year and the results.
  • How are students graded?
    Students are graded based on their individual results and compared with the rest of the candidates for the respective categories to determine the winners for each category.
  • When is the next AMO?
    AMO usually is conducted in June for First Round and July for Final Round every year. We will announce the exact date for 2021 as soon as we get confirmation from the Committee in Japan.
  • How to register myself in AMO?
    We will announce on our website as soon as the registration is open. You can contact us through the web form, or you can contact our country partners. For further enquiries please contact : asiamaths[at] or fill in the form

AMO 2020 Participants

  • When will the result of AMO 2020 be out?
    You will get an e-mail from the respective country operator not later than 3 weeks after the event.
  • How can I check my result?
    Please wait for an e-mail from your country operator. Please be noted that we do not accept any question/inquiry regarding the grading and the score.
  • Where can I collect my certificate?
    Please contact your respective country representatives for the collection of certificate and awards.
  • When can I get the Result Report?
    We will try our best to prepare it as soon as possible, please be patient!

We will share the latest news on this website, so please keep yourself updated!
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