The Very Active Life of the Multitalented Maliq, during his stay in Japan

Mina-san, Konnichiwa! It’s me, Hayu, writing back again. This time I want to tell you about Maliq’s daily activities, both at school and at home!

Maliq’s public Japanese elementary school is located very close to our rented apartment, about 400 meters away. Public elementary schools in Japan indeed do apply zoning procedures for student admissions. Every morning at 8:15, Maliq waits along with other children from the neighborhood at a predetermined area, in our case an alleyway. This team of children is then escorted to the school by a rotating lineup of representatives of the parents.

Maliq’s elementary school itself holds a very complete range of facilities. Some of these facilities include the sports hall (which also doubles as the school’s main hall), a fairly large football field, and a swimming pool that is used only during the summer. Indeed, Maliq truly enjoys all the activities taking place here!

Every afternoon break, after eating his obento, Maliq usually plays dodgeball with his teacher and friends. After school is over, there is an additional activity that children are free to participate in, namely Kids Paretto. This gives free range for kids to engage in a number of activities, like soccer or using the jungle gym. Maliq was never late when participating in these activities. Usually Kids Paretto finishes before 5 pm.

Maliq’s enthusiasm does not stop there, as after school Maliq immediately accompanies his younger brother, Mikail, to come along and play. When Mother is working on her degree, or Father is working part time, it is not uncommon for Maliq and Mika to be left alone in the apartment. Maliq started self-studying since we lived in Tokyo. He has always been a reliable brother with his ability to take care of Mika, who was 3 years old at the time. When Mother and Father are not around, it is Maliq who is in charge of Mika, where his responsibilities range from cooking, feeding, bathing to toileting. No wonder Mika really loves his big brother Maliq! As well as being a great “babysitter”, Maliq also helps wash dishes, pick up clotheslines and shop for groceries at the nearest mini market. Maliq is also able to communicate using a device at home so as to contact his Mother and Father, allowing us to better monitor the children while away.

As a reward for all his help, Maliq usually asks for an ice cream or soft drinks at the shop near our house. Because of the frequent snacks, Maliq is also familiar with the shop’s owner. When we left Tokyo, he gave us a t-shirt which displayed a limited edition beverage brand as a farewell gift. Maliq certainly knows how to get along with other people!

However, sometimes kids can only be expected to be kids, as there have been times where the eldest brother himself becomes the cranky one, refusing to get things done when asked to. Usually, Mother just bribes him for a bit more enthusiasm with treats & sweets, hehe!

It is here where the story of Maliq’s busy & jam packed schedule comes to a close. Alhamdulillah, Maliq spends his days in Tokyo with the utmost joy! Indeed, we will meet again in the next episode of the story, where I will fill you in on how Maliq is able to pray while at school! Mata ne (See you later)!

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