The Importance of Spending Quality Time with Your Dearly Loved Child

Every day, parents engage themselves with a variety of activities. Mom and Dad have to go to work, complete chores, clean the house, cook, and much more. We understand this, however, it should always be asked: do you still have enough quality time to spend with your dearly loved child?

Firstly, let’s understand what is meant by “quality time”. Quality time is exactly what parents should spend so as to interact and show their undivided attention to their children.

It is possible for both parents and their children to spend the whole day together; however, at times a parent’s focus is divided between a variety of other activities such as playing with gadgets, watching television shows, etc. This inevitably can cause their own children to feel as if they are not receiving the appropriate amount of attention.

Mom and Dad should always know that offering quality time to children should never be a heavy burden or add to the encumbrance of busy parents. This can be done by simply setting aside time without any major distractions for 30 minutes or more every day. During this time, Mom and Dad can invite them to listen to stories, play, or do whatever things kids enjoy. You can even offer up quality time through doing something as simple as having dinner together.

Whenever you spend quality time with your kids, Mom and Dad should always show care and affection for the kids without the distraction of other things. Your undivided attention and affection always helps the child to become stronger mentally and emotionally.

So, what exactly are the benefits of increasing the amount of quality time spent with one’s children? Here are 3 examples of just some of the benefits:

1. Minimising the Child’s Problematic Behaviour

Children who spend quality time with their parents tend to have fewer problems with their behaviour. As the child grows, they will be more prone to arguing to their parents. Even so, this won’t always be a difficult problem to overcome; when children feel like they are part of a loved and valued family, they tend to be more receptive to their parents.

In addition, Mom and Dad should understand that children who feel loved have a better chance of adjusting to their circumstances. They are also less likely to have discipline-related problems at school, and so will less likely be prone to doing risky things such as drug use, for example.

2. Improving the child’s Mental and Emotional Health

Parents need to be truly present within their children’s lives, and the best way to do so is to spend quality time together. So, Mom and Dad should not only be present at important events but regularly always set aside time for the child. This can make the child become more mentally and emotionally strong as individuals.

Mom and Dad also need to understand that children, in general, will eventually learn how to interact with other people from their immediate environment, namely their family. That’s why it is so important to not only let your kids know that you love them, but really show that you care about them. Thus, the child will receive a golden opportunity to grow into a loving person.

3. Promoting Physical Health

It’s important to know, Mom and Dad, that increasing the amount of quality time you spend with your children can also improve your child’s overall physical health. There was even a study published in the journal of Paediatrics which concluded that poor mother-child relationship within the early days of a child’s life can possibly result in an increase of potential obesity, the chance of such being 2.45 times higher. (Source:

So, in essence, when children feel cared for by the people that should care about them the most, this will result in the child’s mental health improving significantly, which in turn has a direct and positive impact on their physical health.

In conclusion, increasing the amount of quality time parents spend with their children will have a wide variety of positive effects on a child’s overall growth and development. In addition, the quality of time spent doing something enjoyable with one’s children is far more helpful than spending long periods of time with them, but not in any meaningful or interactive way. So, taking a few minutes before bedtime to chat with your child is much more effective than being with your child all day without interacting with them in any significant way.

Additionally, there are many other ways that parents can spend quality time with their children. Mom and Dad can find activities to do together that can make their kids feel engaged and loved. One strategy is to learn and play together using the Gakken Play Smart Workbook. Indeed, there are lots of interesting and varied activities available on each page; some of these activities include colouring, puzzles, etc. Your child will certainly be very entertained!

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