Mika Celebrates his Birthday at his Japanese Kindergarten!

Hi, how are you? I’m certainly glad to be able to share another story with everyone.

Turns out I have had plenty of experiences during my stay in Japan, as you do doubt have heard. Some memorable ones include the time when Mika first entered kindergarten, Maliq’s busy relationship as a brother to Mika, when Maliq first entered elementary school, and of course, Maliq’s utter enjoyment in participating in his lunchtime activities.

This time, I want to share a story about Mikail’s birthday party at his Japanese Kindergarten. Incidentally, kindergartens in Japan always follow a monthly routine agenda, namely organising birthday parties for children who have birthdays within that month. Mika’s birthday was in January, however, due to the fact that there happened to be an influenza outbreak which had closed the kindergarten for a few days, Mika’s birthday was subsequently postponed to February.

When a child celebrates their birthday at the school, parents are also invited to attend the celebration. With much jubilation, my husband and I accepted the invitation. Previously, Mama tomo (a fellow mother) had told me what the event would be like. She explained that the child whose birthday it was would be called to the stage, after which the teacher and the child would converse and dance together. Honestly, I wasn’t so sure Mika had the nerve to come up centre stage and start answering questions in front of a whole audience. And how about having to dance?! Such were among the few anxieties that I felt upon finding out how the show was going to be like.

All along the way to school from home I was getting more and more excited! I was feeling a mixture of happiness and anxiety at the same time. Indeed, Mika is a shy child, so I wasn’t too sure that he would be confident enough to take the stage.

However, my worries started to disappear upon sitting with my husband. According to the sensei (teacher), when our Mika was being talked to, he was able to patiently answer every single question with confidence. It was really touching to see Mika’s whole attitude change in front of our very eyes!

It was the happiest moment when I saw Mika dancing jovially with his little friends, using colourful pom-poms and moving nimbly to and fro. Indeed, I felt so proud!

Not only that, but the school also had provided a variety of gifts, making all the children quite happy that day. Mika was presented with a handmade medallion, as well as a special birthday storybook! So, why was this gift so special? Simply put, the storybook had a photo of Mika and his sensei posted upon the contents page, with plenty of well-known quotes from the school.

It was wonderful to be able to experience the mirthful activities of a Japanese Kindergarten. Truly, Mika’s birthday became among some of the fondest memories of me and my family’s stay in Tokyo.

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