Gakken’s Science-Based Comic Series has Arrived in Indonesia!

Hello Mom and Dad!

The lives children lead within such modern times is inseparable from the world of robotics. The mysterious world of robots commonly found in Sci-Fi has now become a reality. With such rapid technological advances, the world of robotics has become only more sophisticated within the proceeding years.

This series invites children to become more familiar with robots, with Gakken introducing the fundamentals of robotics in a simple and fun way through the science comic, Science Wonder Quest!

This series is guided by the direction of Takahashi Tomotaka, who has actually been involved with the creation of robots, and who’s creations are quite well known, receiving highly positive reviews from the public, and even further setting world records being listed within the Guinness Book of Records.

This book from Gakken Plus has been translated into Indonesian and is equipped with photos, pictures and detailed descriptions of a variety of robots throughout each episode, allowing children to gain new knowledge and insight about a range of automatons!

This science-based comic series presents a wide range of interesting scientific concepts in an easy to digest format for children. Some titles include the following: Let’s Explore the Body’s Digestive System, Explore Space, Get to Know Dangerous Animals Around You, Come Find Dinosaur Mother, Strange Creatures from the Bottom of the Earth, and Protect the Body from Viruses. (Link to product details)
The discussions presented throughout the various these are very light hearted and compatible for all inquisitive children. Any accompanying adults could also gain newfound insights about robots.

So, help your children familiarize themselves with the world of robots through the science-based comic, Science Wonder Quest!

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