Gakken’s Play Smart Preschool Workbook Wins the “National Parenting Product Awards / NAPPA” for the Fourth Time in USA

After three consecutive years of winning the National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA), the Gakken Play Smart Workbook has once again won the award for the fourth time. The NAPPA is an honor awarded to products of the highest quality which are customarily given by parents to their children; such products can include books, educational toys, CDs, DVDs and applications, among other things.

The NAPPA is an award program with an established history within the United States. Parents and educators in the U.S. rely on this program’s methods, as its evaluation process is conducted after the product has been tried and tested by both parents and children alike.

Currently, the year 2021 has been the fourth year in which Gakken’s Play Smart Preschool Workbook Series has received an award for excellence. In 2017, awards were obtained for 1 book title, in 2018 for 3 book titles, and in 2019 Gakken had received awards for 19 book titles. However, this time, there is the addition of 4 new titles, and 1 new title from the Award-winning series I Can Do That!

Gakken’s Play Smart Preschool Workbook New Series
Gakken’s Play Smart Preschool Workbook New Series

The following selection of comments from the NAPPA are in regards to the Play Smart Numbers and Alphabet Series:

“These workbooks are filled with educational games and activities to teach young children about alphabet and number concepts. All the workbooks support developmental growth in fine motor, cognitive and language skills. They also help the very young learner remain focused on an activity – a skill that is a must once they go to Kindergarten and beyond.”

“These workbooks are well made and full of fun and educational activities to keep your preschooler busy.”

“I think the whole family would enjoy doing the activities with their 2-4 years old. This would be great to have at the grandparents’ house.”

The Play Smart Workbook Series itself is the English language rendition of the original “Gakken no Yojimuke Workbook,” which has been popular for approximately 40 years in Japan. This version went on sale in June 2017 with 9 titles in various bookstore chains such as In addition, the Play Smart Preschool Workbook Series is also available at bookstores such as Barnes & Nobles, Kinokuniya, various independent bookstores, as well as large supermarket chains such as Costco and Walmart in the United States.

As of March 2021, the Play Smart Workbook Series has penetrated the market and has a cumulative circulation of 800,000 copies. In addition, it also has a track record of ranking 2nd in the Children’s Counting Books genre on, as well as 77th within all book genres in the United States. It is important to note however that the sales network for this workbook is not limited to the United States. Currently, its sales network has expanded to several countries that have put an emphasis on a solid English language education, such as Canada, England, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Hong Kong and Paraguay.

In Indonesia alone, you can get the Play Smart series at Gramedia, Kinokuniya and Paperclip bookstores or in online bookstores as well, namely

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