A Warm Welcome to a New Academic Year: “Back to School!”

Hi Mom & Dad!

The new school year is about to begin and it’s time for kids to gear up for their academic careers once again! Dealing with children returning to school is certainly a concern and a priority for all parents. Especially with the many new policies amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, everything needs to be prepared so as to encourage a fruitful return to their studies.

What should parents do to welcome their child back to the daily duties of school life? Here are some of them:

1. Mental and Emotional Preparation

There have been a variety of changes within the academic system during the pandemic, ranging from the implementation of distance, blended, and limited face-to-face learning strategies; this certainly is done to address the general state of students’ mental and emotional conditions. Children’s perceptions of the pandemic also vary, depending on the information they have received. Therefore, it is important for parents to provide mental and emotional support for their children so that they may continue to develop a passion for learning, allowing them to adapt within any academic conditions that they might be a part of. Moreover, children develop awareness in order to protect themselves while at school or on the way to and from school. This will help to develop the child’s overall emotional fortitude so as to carry out their activities as per usual.

2. Support Children’s Learning Needs

Parental support for a child’s learning needs will indeed increase their learning overall motivation. Prepare all vital learning requirements both with regards to stationery equipment, school clothes, textbooks, school clothes, etc. Communicate affectionately while providing opportunities for children, thereby preparing them to learn how to prepare academic materials themselves and independently understand what is needed for their next activities. For example, this will give children the opportunity to make decisions on their own and choose what school supplies they see fit. However, parents will still have to remind their children to pay attention to what priorities come first, as well as the benefits in organising their needs for the short, medium and long terms.

3. Ensuring Schools Don’t Neglect Health

During the onset of the pandemic, the school environment may still feel unsafe for some parents. Ensure schools continue to comply with child health protection measures; it is important to pay attention to how schools follow the guidelines set out by the Covid-19 control and prevention task force unit. It is also important for parents to be directly involved in drafting healthcare rules within schools in regards to the availability of soap, good air ventilation in the classroom, etc.

4. Remind Children of Health Protocols

The reimplementation of 100% face-to-face learning strategies and easing the use of masks within open areas should not make parents become more careless; indeed, they should continue to remind their children to comply with the stated health protocols. Applicable school rules must still be complied with. Parents should continue to provide their children with masks, hand sanitizers, as well as food and drinks from home.

5. Begin Introducing New Subjects

Every child must own a textbook. Therefore, it’s good to introduce new and engaging subject matter that will inevitably be taught in the coming years. That way, the child will be more prepared to return to an academic environment.

6. Teach Children to Socialise

It is important to teach critical social skills so that children will more easily adapt to a school based environment, with interaction with both their teachers and friends a critical part of their school life. According to Putu Andani, a child psychologist, the ability to socialise is very important during a child’s development stage; this is so that they can recognize the emotions of others, process their own emotions, get along with everybody, and can better empathise with the people around them and further develop their own personality. In addition, socialising with friends will indeed provide many benefits, such as improving their own cognitive and physical development, as well as their socio-emotional development.

After all the necessary preparations, it’s now time to drop your kids off to their first day of school. This experience will certainly be cherished as a wonderful memory, further helping their confidence in entering their new environment, better assisting them in integrating with their teachers and dear friends. Besides that, it can also help increase their initial enthusiasm in doing the best they can with their school work.

Welcome back to school!

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