8 Fun Ways to Learn Alphabetical Letter Writing and Recognition

Dear parents, did you know that recognizing and writing the letters of the alphabet can be done in a fun and engaging way? When children enjoy the activities they are doing, they tend to be more motivated and engaged, making it easier for them to master whatever is being taught to them.

The Indonesian alphabet consists of 26 letters starting from A to Z. Each of these letters becomes a sound-based symbol used to compose whole words. Recognizing these letters is a fundamental skill needed for reading and writing. Therefore, it is important for parents to invite their children to start learning the basics of letter writing and recognition from an early age.

Seeing that there are many letters to be recalled, perhaps parents are wondering, when can time be made to invite their children to start the crucial learning process? A study published within the journal Child Development, reveals that children actually start the process of learning how to write from the tender age of three (Source: srcd.onlinelibrary.wiley.com).

However, children at the age of 2 years are generally able to recognize the basic letter shapes. If parents often sing songs such as “ABC” to their children, then chances are the child will be able to better memorize and sing the song. Thus, learning certain activities in order to recognize and write letters can also be prompted by Father and Mother in teaching the child starting from the age of 2.

It is important for parents to be aware that when one begins to learn the fundamentals of the alphabet, some children may have difficulty recognizing individual letters or groups of letters that make up words. They may also find it difficult to distinguish between letters that look similar, like “d” and “b”. So, parents do not need to rush when teaching this specific skill. It is only crucial to hone the child’s basic letter recognition abilities early on.

The most effective provision that parents can offer at this stage is to provide fun learning activities for children. These include activities such as reading storybooks, playing alphabet puzzles, and so on. Thus, children will feel more motivated and feel happy so as to continue on with their education.

In this article, we will attempt to provide 8 fun activities teaching how to recognize and write the alphabet which can be conducted at home or taught to preschoolers:

8 Fun Ways to Recognize and Write Letters:

1. Use the child’s name

To start the process of learning the whole alphabet, you can start teaching the basic arrangements of letters first using your little one’s own name. Utilize blocks of colorful letters, or simply write the child’s name on a piece of paper. Parents can then teach the child to point to and name the letters that make up the name one by one. In making sure that the child remembers, this activity should be done repeatedly.

2. Playing ABC Maze

Mom and Dad can draw or create a maze with colored tape and then place various letters of the alphabet within each corner of the maze. Next, invite the child to walk through the maze, help along through the use of playful objects such as toy cars or dolls all along while singing ABC songs.

3. Connecting the dots

Mom and Dad can create a series of dots that form a single letter. Then, ask the child to connect the dots with a colored marker. Besides introducing letter shapes, this activity can also train your child’s fine motor skills.

4. Play with the alphabet puzzle rug

You can use an alphabet puzzle rug in order to introduce specific letters to your baby. You can arrange the puzzles in alphabetical order. By doing so, the child can then walk along with the letters on the carpet while remembering the shape and mentioning the specific sound each shape represents.

5. Play the alphabet game

This game is actually quite simple but still fun to do with children. You can ask the child to name certain animals that have names that start with a specific letter, for example, the letter A. Then, the child should name animals that start with the letter A such as an armadillo, antelope, anteater, and so on.

This alphabet game can also be done by asking the child to locate objects that have names that start with a certain letter. For example, for the letter B, the child would then locate and bring back to the parent, a book.

6. The shapes of food resembling the letters of the alphabet

Learning can be conducted at any time, even while the child is enjoying their food. You can make pancakes, donuts, or other treats in the shape of specific letters. After which, you can introduce the child to how the letters look and sound, while they eat them.

7. Reading storybooks

Reading storybooks to preschoolers can also be a fun activity for recognizing the shapes and sounds of certain letters. You should select a simple book, like one that utilizes simply 1-2 short sentences on each page.

8. The Gakken Play Smart Alphabet

The Gakken Play Smart Alphabet is a solution for parents who are busy and do not have time to provide the various equipment necessary to introduce letters to their children. This book was designed by a team of educators and child development experts and is specifically aimed at children of preschool age.

The Gakken Play Smart Alphabet is equipped with a variety of interesting and educational games that explore activities such as finding letters, connecting dots, exploring mazes, and much more. These various undertakings were designed to creativity hone your child’s fine motor skills. By providing the Gakken Play Smart Alphabet while at home, children can learn to recognize and write letters in both a fun and productive manner.

The Gakken Play Smart Workbook is available for both 2 and 3-year-olds. You can find them at Gramedia, Kinokuniya, and Paper Clip bookstores, or at the online bookstore KingKongBooks.com

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