Gakken strives to create a society where every person lives a fulfilling life.
We want to help you chart your destiny by being a trusted partner in your life.

Hello, Indonesia! We are Gakken,
Education Company from Japan.

Gakken Group

Established in 1946, Gakken was founded by the late educator Hideto Furuoka with the belief that “there is nothing more important than education for post-war (World War II) reconstruction”. Thus, for over 70 years, Gakken Group has supported Japanese Education. We have focused on providing services and products that add value to our core education, healthcare and nursing lines of businesses.

Gakken Group Aims to Be a Leader in
“Education” and “Healthcare & Nursing”!

Group Philosophy

Gakken Group truly hopes for everyone to lead the enriched life
by providing the sensation, satisfaction and peace of mind
for the day along with the dreams and hopes for tomorrow.

Group Vision

Create the New One; Beyond Your Imagination

Gakken Jakarta Representative Office

Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. Jakarta Representative Office was established in 2016 to support the activities of its Tokyo head office in Indonesia and other Asian regions. Apart from conducting market research for our outreach into Indonesia, we also promote a wide array of other Gakken products, some of which include the Asia Mathematics Olympiad, 4Me Japanese Learning, and various children’s books, among other examples.

Gakken Jakarta Representative Office

Through a joint venture with a major Thai pub- lisher, GNE has expanded Gakken Classroom nationwide. It also supports business develop- ment in Thailand.

As Gakken Group’s overseas production management office, it develops a wide range of products, from learning materials to house- hold goods.

GAE is a joint venture with an IT company in Myanmar. Gakken Classroom is offered to children from the upper-middle to the wealthy classes. It also started programming course.

Medical Care Service. (MCS) operates elderly care facilities mainly in China. It also develops a wide range of businesses, including staffing and consulting for facilities’operations.

Using learning worksheets in English, Gakken Classroom is operated in major urban areas to diverse customers in Malaysia.

IC Net implements official development assis- tance (ODA) projects in developing countries. IC Net also leverages the private sector to solve social issues in developing countries.